As Steve Bannon Prepares to Endorse Kelli Ward at Arizona Rally, Jeff Flake Stays in Washington to Dine with McConnell

Arizona Republic: Bannon has declared "war" on Republican establishment 

PHOENIX - The deep schism among Arizona GOP will be in full spotlight tonight, as Jeff Flake dines with GOP Leader Mitch McConnell in Washington while populists Steve Bannon and Laura Ingraham rally with Kelli Ward and her supporters in Arizona.

Jeff Flake - arguably the most vulnerable senator in the country - continues to alienate the Republican voters he needs in what is shaping up to be a brutal primary. Since arriving in the Senate in 2013, Flake has consistently failed to deliver for Arizonans, and tonight's events make clear he continues to be what Arizonans hate about Washington. According to The New York Times, since he entered the U.S. Senate, Flake “has not carved out much of a reputation.”

Tonight’s rally also continues what has been a rough week for Jeff Flake. From a scathing New York Times article that had GOP strategists saying it’s “a big if” for Flake to survive his primary challenger, to CNN and The Washington Post ranking the Arizona Senate race as the third and fourth most likely to flip parties in 2018 respectively, Jeff Flake’s reelection campaign is already in free fall and it’s not even 2018.

Take a look at what both far-right GOP leaders Bannon and Ingraham had to say about Jeff Flake:

“Wow she's campaign ready, Little Jeff.” - Steve Bannon, Breitbart Daily News (9.30.17)

“I am happy to have endorsed @kelliwardaz in the Arizona primary against @JeffFlake, She's with the people. He's with the usual flops.” - Laura Ingraham, Twitter (8.22.17)