Straight Talk vs. All Talk: McCain and Flake on VA funding

Arizona senators denounce Phoenix VA conditions, then vote to slash funding for veterans

ALL TALK: Flake, McCain Statements on Concerning Conditions at Phoenix VA

STRAIGHT TALK: John McCain and Jeff Flake joined Republicans in voting for a bill that “takes aim at our nation's veterans by reducing the Senate's level of funding for VA by $500 million, which is $653.9 million below the President's request. Republicans slashed the Senate's level of funding for facility maintenance of VA hospitals and clinics by almost $250 million. This level of funding also does nothing to make a dent in these deficiencies and decreases funds available to address VA's $2.3 billion backlog of high priority projects.”

“Arizonans are tired of John McCain’s and Jeff Flake’s hollow promises to fix the VA,” said Arizona Democratic Party spokesman Enrique Gutierrez. “Today’s vote proves again that McCain and Flake aren’t willing to stand up for our veterans and their families. It’s time to fix the problem, not cut corners.”