Trump or troops: Guess who McCain sides with

McCain refuses to denounce Trump’s comments about U.S. troops stealing money while serving in Iraq

Just latest in disturbing trend of McCain dodging questions and failing to stand up to Trump


John McCain has once again failed to stand up to Donald Trump – this time following Trump’s comments that U.S. soldiers stole “millions and millions of dollars” while serving in Iraq. When asked directly about Trump’s assertions, McCain refused to answer any questions.  

McCain’s lack of action about Trump has become a disturbing and disappointing trend:

  • In a nationally televised interview, McCain refused to call on Trump to retract his false, offensive comments about immigrants.

  • McCain continued to support Trump even after Trump’s racist comments about Judge Gonzalo Curiel and his Latino heritage.

  • McCain remained silent after Trump went on to make racist comments questioning the ability of Muslim judges to be impartial.

  • Rather than calling for Trump to stop or retract his racist, divisive rhetoric, McCain is now pretending like it isn’t even happening.

  • Instead of standing up to Trump, McCain instead has chosen to slam national veterans groups including the American Legion and blame them for the ongoing problems at the VA.  

“John McCain won’t stand up to Donald Trump and his racist, divisive, and flat-out false statements because he’s changed after 33 years in Washington,” said Arizona Democratic Party spokesman Enrique Gutierrez. “Arizonans deserve a principled leader who won’t turn their back on them for political convenience. And it’s clear Ann Kirkpatrick is the only person in this race who isn’t afraid to take on Trump.”