Video: McCain bullish on Trump picking next Supreme Court justice

Speaking to students, McCain claims next president, not Obama, will ‘have the endorsement of the voters of America’

PHOENIX – Speaking at a public forum at Arizona State University Friday, John McCain said Donald Trump would be better suited to nominate the next justice of the Supreme Court of the United States as he, once again, called for leaving the position vacant for another year. McCain’s comments were in response to an audience member who asked why McCain would be comfortable with Donald Trump nominating the next justice.  McCain’s response: 


“Because I think that if it were Donald Trump who were elected president he would have the endorsement of the voters of America. I think that when they vote in this election one of the factors or issues they will be voting on is the next Supreme Court justice and who they would like to choose that justice. Not the lame duck.”


What McCain seemed to forget is that Supreme Court nominations are an issue in every presidential election, including his own in 2008 where McCain made the Supreme Court an issue and lost to Obama who was elected (or “endorsed”) by 53 percent of Americans. The Supreme Court was also an issue in 2012 — AFTER Obama had two nominees confirmed — when 51 percent of Americans voted for (“endorsed”) Obama again for his current term. 


"It’s time for McCain to respect the Constitution, the will of the voters and the office he once wanted to hold. It’s time for McCain to do his job and if he won’t then it’s time to elect someone who will,” said Arizona Democratic Party spokesperson Barbara Lubin.


McCain’s remarks also come after he was ripped for playing politics and contradicting years of his previous stances on similar vacancies.