Washington Insider McCain Campaigns In Pennsylvania

Proving he puts his political party above all else, John McCain left Arizona today to campaign for Pennsylvanians

In the middle of the political fight of his life, John McCain answered the call of party bosses and his political party by abandoning Arizona to campaign for Senate in Pennsylvania.

The ‘maverick’ turned Donald Trump supporter ridiculously went so far as to claim his campaign trip to Pennsylvania benefits Arizona despite his support for a fellow Senate candidate who wants to jeopardize Americans’ retirement security.

Thousands of miles from Arizona McCain brazenly told  a crowd that Arizonans need Pennsylvania Senator Toomey to be reelected. Meanwhile, in Arizona McCain is being called out for refusing to commit to protect Social Security and Medicare. The people of Arizona are making it clear that they don’t want politicians that will take away the benefits they’ve worker hard for.

“John McCain must not think much of the job he’s doing if he believes Arizonans need a Pennsylvania senator to represent them in the U.S. Senate,” said Arizona Democratic Party Communications Director Enrique Gutierrez. “McCain’s allegiance to the Republican Party is so deep that he has endorsed Donald Trump more than 60 times and is even flying across the country to support other candidates who shares McCain’s dangerous views on our retirement programs. Even as the Alliance of Retired Americans asks McCain to sign a simple pledge to protect Social Security.”