What’s My Role Again? Secretary Reagan Evades Her Job Responsibilities

Today, Secretary of State Michele Reagan came out of hiding to announce her “preliminary findings” to the media. Unfortunately, as chief elections officer for Arizona, she didn’t take full responsibility and offered Arizonans more excuses.

Did our office know that there was only going to be 60 polling places in Maricopa County? YES

Did our office at any time reach to out to Maricopa County to advise them that was not enough polling locations? NO

Does our office have the statutory authority to advise or direct counties on polling locations or numbers? NO

Reagan hid behind the notion of not having “statutory authority”, even though A.R.S. § 16-142(F) states: “If it is determined by the secretary of state that compliance with state and federal regulations would be jeopardized, the secretary of state has the authority to release a county from the number of polling places prescribed by this section.”

This statue shows she at the very least, has responsibility for overseeing the administration of elections, including polling places.

“The truth of the matter is she failed Arizonans by not doing her job,” said Arizona Democratic Party Executive Director Sheila Healy. “She has spent most of this session prioritizing passing voting suppression and Dark Money bills through the legislature rather than insuring voters can exercise their fundamental right to vote. She’s has essentially put special interests ahead of Arizonans - and they’re the ones who suffered on March 22.”