Who’s to blame for Tuesday’s E-Day fiasco?

Arizonans want to know who’s to blame for the long lines, voter registration irregularities, and reduced number of voting locations? It’s simple, those who are in charge.

For years, Republicans have controlled Arizona’s government, and for years they’ve been drastically cutting spending for essential services like elections and pushing voter suppression laws. On Tuesday, the whole nation witnessed the results.

This was a systemic failure on all levels - from the very top to the bottom.

It starts at the top with Governor Ducey penny-pinching on Arizona’s elections. Let’s not forget he recently signed a ballot-blocking bill making felons out of Arizonans trying to help their neighbors deliver their completed and sealed ballots.

It continues with Secretary of State Reagan who failed to coordinate this election with the state’s counties. She prioritized moving more Dark Money through the legislature rather than Tuesday’s election.

The Republican-led Legislature who wouldn’t even consider common-sense proposals by Democratic Senator Martin Quezada that would’ve alleviated Tuesday’s lines.

And of course, Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell for ignoring the warnings of minimizing the number of polling locations in the county and making it harder for Arizonans to vote.

“This fiasco happens when you have Republicans pushing voter suppression laws,” said Arizona Democratic Party Executive Director Sheila Healy. “These folks need to be held accountable for Tuesday’s fiasco in several ways including by the voter’s choices this November. The Arizona Democratic Party will continue pushing for fair and open election laws, finding and correcting any systemic failures, and acting to bring fair independent oversight to Arizona elections.”