Who's running the Secretary of State’s Office?

Miller? Spencer? Roberts? One thing is certain, it’s not Michele Reagan.

If we’re lead to believe Secretary Reagan was kept in the dark by her own staff regarding the failure to send out publicity pamphlets then we have to ask the question, who's running that office? Lee Miller? Eric Spencer? Matt Roberts? Because it’s not Secretary Reagan.

To go weeks without knowing what’s happening in her office is just plain absurd, and incompetent.

Instead of reprimanding her staff for the error and being kept in the dark, she quickly picked up their excuses and talking points by blaming IBM for the problem, and not before going days without notifying election officials, voters, the press, that a problem existed.

"For 19 days ... Secretary Reagan's staff and Secretary Reagan chose not to widely disseminate information," the report states. "The staff did not inform all county election officials, or the public, that certain pamphlets had not been delivered." - Arizona Republic, 10/26/2017

“This is just another example of gross incompetence from the Secretary of State,” said Arizona Democratic Party Executive Director Herschel Fink. “From the March 2016 Election Fiasco, to failing to deliver election publicity pamphlets, Michele Reagan has proven she’s unfit to lead this office and protect the interest of Arizona voters. Someone needs to be held accountable -- and the buck stops with Michele Reagan. Her failure to hold her political flackies accountable and actually lead her office, will be her undoing in 2018.”