Why is Secretary Reagan Certifying Election Under Federal Investigation?

Statement from Arizona Democratic Party Executive Director Sheila Healy

“Why is Secretary Reagan certifying an election under federal investigation by the Department of Justice?

“As Arizona’s chief elections official, Secretary Reagan is certifying an election that disenfranchised over 20,000 voters as a direct result of her party’s voter suppression policies. The systemic failures of March 22nd (the long lines, reduced number of polling locations, and voter registration irregularities) have not yet been addressed, yet alone been fixed.The fact that there is now a federal investigation underscores the seriousness of the issues that must be resolved by the general election. The integrity of Arizona's elections will continue to be disputed if Secretary Reagan and other Republican officials continue to neglect their duties under law to carry out a fair and well-managed election.

“She has failed Arizona’s voters so far, but if she’s serious about voter integrity, we hope she cooperates with the Department of Justice’s investigation to get to the bottom of this fiasco.”