Will Flake Torpedo Bipartisan Healthcare Bill and Leave Arizonans in Peril?

Jeff Flake on healthcare compromise and process: “I'm still studying that…”

PHOENIX -- Is Jeff Flake trying to torpedo the bipartisan healthcare bill that would protect Arizonans from skyrocketing healthcare costs? Arizonans shouldn't hold their breath as in an interview yesterday with KTAR, Jeff Flake appeared to be putting his agenda ahead of the well-being of more than 400,000 Arizonans by simply refusing to publicly support the Alexander-Murray bill, a measure that would stabilize the healthcare system and prevent Arizonans from losing their insurance. It's a situation Flake himself is responsible for causing in Washington.

Instead, Flake has been waiting on orders by Mitch McConnell, the GOP Leadership, and Washington special interests and would rather tell the press that he’s “studying” the process rather than supporting a bipartisan bill that would protect the well-being of Arizonans. Flake’s political grandstanding is exactly why he’s been ineffective and hasn’t delivered as U.S. Senator.

“As Arizonans are being forced to pay high insurance rates, it’s downright embarrassing for Jeff Flake to wait for barking orders by Mitch McConnell and his GOP Leadership in Washington before stopping a mess he’s responsible for creating,” said Herschel Fink, Executive Director of the Arizona Democratic Party. “To say he’s ‘studying’ a measure is textbook Jeff Flake. He would rather wait for GOP Leaders and special interests to tell him how to vote than show the responsibility he was elected to do. Flake’s words are not only out of touch, but is the epitome of what’s wrong in Washington.”

Flake’s dodge follows months of GOP efforts to spike healthcare costs and slash coverage, and now the GOP - with Flake obediently falling in line - is trying to torpedo a bipartisan proposal that would protect Arizonans from paying even more. After all, when push came to shove this summer, Jeff Flake voted in favor of the repeal, choosing to put about 400,000 Arizonans at risk of losing their health insurance.