Will McCain celebrate his birthday week with Trump?

With Trump headed to Phoenix, Arizonans deserve to know if McCain will celebrate birthday by appearing with nominee he has endorsed nearly 60 times

PHOENIX – As John McCain marks his 80th birthday today, Arizonans are wondering if he will celebrate by appearing alongside Donald Trump at the nominee’s “major speech” on immigration in Phoenix this week. After all, McCain has publicly declared his support for the Republican standard bearer nearly 60 times.

McCain has already declared in two new interviews that he has “no reason” to stop supporting Trump, despite Trump’s despicable attacks against immigrants, women, and even McCain himself. In fact, McCain still clings to the Republican nominee even though Gold Star father Khizr Khan has “implored” McCain to “stand tall” and stop supporting Trump.

“It was John McCain who cleared the way for Donald Trump by declaring ‘complete the dang fence’ and who embraced the worst elements of his party in hopes of saving his political career,” said Arizona Democratic Party Communications Director Enrique Gutierrez. “That’s why Arizonans deserve to know if McCain will again choose political convenience and appear alongside Trump this week in Phoenix while the Republican nominee promises to rip families apart and offer more dangerous and divisive rhetoric.”