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Copper State Business Advisory Board

The Copper State Business Advisory Board meets every quarter to define strategic economic topics that align with the priorities of elected Democrats. This is a group of forward-thinking leaders who span the political spectrum and recognize that policymakers are only effective when private citizens are engaged.

The truth is, the major issues facing our state are all interconnected and will only be solved with collaboration between the private sector and elected officials. Convenings like this are vital to the future of Arizona.

As a leader, your voice matters. Arizona Democratic leaders are seeking to engage with you and discuss your unique insights. This is a golden opportunity to help steer the direction of our party, its leaders and Arizona’s future success.

Through the Copper State Business Advisory Board, we will create strong public and private partnerships that lead to action. The time is now to use your entrepreneurial spirit and business expertise to spearhead a positive transformation of our state’s policy.

In our next meeting, December 5th, we will discuss pressing transportation issues and outline Arizona’s state and federal transportation priorities. We have a panel of experts in the field that will lead the discussion and will provide a break-out session for you to share your important perspectives and recommendations on the future of transportation in Arizona.

Confirmed speakers:

Tony Bradley, President/CEO, Arizona Trucking Association

Dawn Cartier, Founder/President, CivTech

Marco Lopez, CEO of Intermestic and former Mayor of Nogales

Jordan Jacques, President/CEO, South Mountain Services

Charleen Badman, Chef-owner & James Beard Award-Winning Chef, FnB

Tony Cani, Vice President, Resolute Consulting

Shannon Scutari, an expert on transportation and former Napolitano official (ADOT)

Elected officials:

Katie Hobbs, Arizona Secretary of State


Democratic, Republican and Independent business leaders state-wide.


December 5th – 5:30 – 7:30 pm



If you are interested in joining this board — please contact Deputy Political Director, Julio Espinoza: jespinoza@azdem.org

Let’s move Arizona forward.