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Our Legacy as Trailblazers

Arizona Democrats have a history of making progressive gains and applying our Western pragmatism to the issues facing everyday Arizonans.

We believe in an economy where you should not have to work multiple jobs just to make ends meet. That you should be given a decent wage and a decent standard of living. We believe that if you are sick you should have access to a doctor, plain and simple. We believe that you should not have to choose between groceries and medicine. We believe it is common sense to have a background check before you purchase a firearm. We believe in taking care of our veterans. We believe it is wrong to separate families at the southern border, that we need smart immigration reform that emphasizes security and humanity. We know that there is a climate crisis that demands our immediate attention. We believe that our state’s diversity is what makes us great. 

We know that we have a plan that works for all Arizonans. At the end of the day, our policies focus on one thing: providing opportunities for Arizonans of all walks of life.

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We have a lot of pride when we look back at our history. But we’re even more excited as we look ahead to the future we’re building together.

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