May 8, 2018 Press Release

NEW: Rep. McSally Hit With $1 Million Campaign Finance Complaint

Arizona Republic: “The FEC complaint could add to McSally’s problems following the rules documenting the flow of money in federal politics.”

PHOENIX – Congresswoman Martha McSally’s history of campaign finance violations just got one million dollars longer. In a blistering Federal Election Commission (FEC) complaint by the campaign finance watchdog End Citizens United, the group exposes how the congresswoman raised campaign cash for both her House and Senate campaigns well after she announced her bid for U.S. Senate – a violation of FEC regulations. This complaint comes on the heels of a rare FEC audit of her campaign finances.

Another election complaint was filed against Rep. McSally last December after the congresswoman failed to abide by another set of election laws requiring proper disclosure of campaign donors. Both infractions continued a detailed history of McSally’s troubles with the FEC dating back to 2013.

“Congresswoman McSally has a long history of violating rules designed to protect the integrity of our elections. This $1 million complaint comes on the heels of a rare federal audit that confirmed she failed to disclose key information to Arizona voters,” said Drew Anderson, senior communications advisor. “Facing a long, divisive and expensive primary, Congresswoman McSally continues to break the rules to rake in cash – but Arizonans will hold her accountable.”

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