February 13, 2020 Press Release

Pharma First: McSally Balks At Medicare Drug Price Negotiation

Pharma First: McSally Balks At Medicare Drug Price Negotiation

McSally has taken more than $100,000 from pharma corporate PACs. Last year, a pharma-linked interest group that opposes price negotiation spent $1 million boosting McSally

PHOENIX — Aligning with the pharmaceutical industry interests supporting her campaign, U.S. Sen. Martha McSally is declining to support a bipartisan effort to let Medicare negotiate for lower prescription drug costs — a pricing reform that’s projected to drive down prices for consumers.

In January, drug companies increased prices on more than 400 drugs, but McSally has steadfastly declined to back Medicare price negotiation as a policy solution, while pulling in at least $106,200 in corporate PAC contributions from pharmaceutical corporations, according to a review of McSally’s FEC filings.

On top of that, McSally has benefited from nearly $1 million in TV ad support from a pharmaceutical industry-linked outside group, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which has campaigned against Medicare price negotiation reforms.

“Rather than stand up for Arizonans, Senator McSally is siding with her pharmaceutical industry backers who oppose letting Medicare negotiate for lower prices,” said Brad Bainum, Arizona Democratic Party spokesperson. “It’s no wonder that pharma corporate PACs are pouring in tens of thousands of dollars to support McSally and using outside groups to keep her voting their way in the Senate.”