July 26, 2019 Press Release

State Senator goes on Xenophobic rant at AZGOP Event


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July 26, 2019

State Senator goes on Xenophobic rant at AZGOP Event

“Sen. Sylvia Allen Warns the U.S. Will Soon Look Like South American Countries”

Phoenix – State Senator Sylvia Allen of LD 6 recently made racist and xenophobic remarks at an Arizona Republican Party sponsored event stating,“We are not reproducing ourselves, the birthrates […] It’s because of immigration.”

In the audio recording released by The Phoenix New Times, Allen goes on to state we’re “going to look like South American countries very quickly,”warning that new immigrants will not be able to “assimilate.”

Further calling out Democratic colleague Sen. Quezada stating “When Senator Quezada says we don’t want to assimilate, then what do you want? What do you plan for America to look like in 10 years?”

Allen’s rant falls in line with the hateful remarks made by former Rep. David Stringer who resigned from office following months of mounting public pressure. The Republican Party and Republican leadership in the State House refused to take direct action by expelling Stringer from the legislature.

“Allen’s remarks are vile and harmful to the children and families that make up our state. The diversity of Arizona and our country is our strength. These remarks come as no surprise following the remarks made by former Rep. David Stringer. It’s clear the Republican party stands for racism and xenophobia,”said ADP Executive Director Herschel Fink.