February 11, 2020 Press Release

What Arizonans Are Reading: McSally Can’t Be Trusted

What Arizonans Are Reading: McSally Can’t Be Trusted

Scathing reviews of an unelected senator putting her personal political career and party leaders ahead of Arizonans, as she tries to launch another campaign

PHOENIX — As U.S. Sen. Martha McSally relaunches another Senate campaign, Arizonans are reading critical reviews that she can’t be trusted and has put her personal political career and party leaders ahead of what’s right for Arizona. Take a look at the letters to the editor and opinion columns from across the state:

  • “On Wednesday, McSally at long last acknowledged that President Donald Trump’s efforts to shake down a political rival were ‘inappropriate’ […] This, just minutes after she voted to acquit him in his impeachment trial.” —Laurie Roberts, Arizona Republic columnist

  • “Exacting revenge against truth tellers is Trump’s post-impeachment modus operandi. And the senators who let Trump off the hook, like McSally, are complicit.” —E.J. Montini, Arizona Republic columnist

  • “75% of Americans which includes the Republicans, wanted witnesses in the Donald Trump impeachment trial. But, once again our Republican elected officials ignored the will of the people. They are afraid of Trump’s wrath and of their donors. They want to stay in office so they have put party over the people.” —Cindy H., Cottonwood

  • “McSally deserves to be a temporary senator.” —John C., Tucson

  • “Republicans turned this so important trial, into a SHAM.” —A.F. M., Cottonwood

  • “So much for McSally’s solemn promise to do ‘impartial justice.'” —James H., Tucson

  • ” Everyone saw it coming, but it’s still disturbing to see all of the Republican sycophants ducking their duty to stay in office […] Deep down, even the Republicans have to admit it.” —Nicholas M., Casa Grande

  • I served nearly 22 years as an appellate judge, during which I was called upon frequently to address the question of whether an accused received a fundamentally fair trial […] To pass off this “trial” as fair and impartial would be laughable, if it weren’t so disturbing.” —Richard S. in Green Valley