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Resolutions Information as they pertain to State Committee Meetings

Previously Passed Resolutions

Resolution Supporting the Passage of the Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution (Passed 5/9/2015)

Resolution Supporting Universal Comprehensive Healthcare Improved Medicare for All (Passed 4/13/2019)

Resolution In Support of the Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Community (Passed 4/13/2019)

Resolution in support of the “Outlaw Dirty Money 2020” initiative (Passed 4/13/2019)

Resolution in Support of the Green New Deal (Passed 9/21/19)

Resolution in Support of Asylum (Passed 9/21/19)



Resolution Results from ADP SCM plenary session 9/21/2019:

Tabled: 1) DISABILITIES + 2) PDA’s Kyrsten Censure (original – the revised was NOT heard in Comm)
Passed: 1) Montgomery + 2) AZ Fair Lending
Rejected: PPE
Passed with Amendments:
Resolution to Request Senator Sinema to Abandon Operation Safe Return (title added) and 3rd Spanish para: Considerando QUE (added)
Green Deal – last 2 RESOLVES on both: added Therefore BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED
Gender Neutral – last BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that ADP shall create a policy to ensure to its best abilities that gender neutral restrooms are available …

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